POESTELLA with capacity of 7499tons was launched successfully
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On Sep 10,2016 morning, POESTELLA with capacity of 7499tons was launched successfully , which’s  built by Qingshan shipyard for Xin Yuan Group. The CEO of XIN YUAN GROUP Xu Wenjun and Vice president of CSC SHIPPING BUILDING INDUSTRY CORPORATION Liu Guangyao and other leaders concerned attened the lauching ceremony.

The vessel was designed with 109.9min length O.A., 104m in Length B.P. , 20m in Breadth,11.10m in depth,13.0kn inship speed  and into the class BV Classification Society,which’s  designed by Bestway Marine and Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. There’re  characteristics of low fuel consumption, long endurance. And the power is used to meet the requirement of T3 emission, which’s satified with most of requirements of domestic and international refinery terminals and discharge terminals.

The asphalt are mostly used in frastructure construction especially road construction,  80% of which are road asphalt,10% are building waterproof asphalt, and the other 10% are used for other purpose. As there’re simple maintenance and maintenance features of asphalt road, in the post financial crisis Era, the infrastructure construction was further increased no matter  developed countries or developing countries,and the demand of asphalt increased year by year. Meanwhile,withthe increasingly stringent environmental requirements and for the reasons of environmental protection and cost saving, the asphalt production from Australia,Newzeland and America reduced ,the quantity of imported asphalt to these countries is increasing more and more, which increase the capacity demand of asphalt ship.

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