Asphalt vessel “Orcstella” was delievered successfully
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On Mar 13, the delivery signing ceremony was held for asphalt vessel “Orcstella”with capacity of 7499tons(MW507-2#) in the building of Fujian Ship Building Industry Group Company Ltd. The secretary of the party committee and board chairman Zhao Jinjie, Vice president Li Zhenjun of Fujian Ship Building Industry Group Company Ltd, the board chairman Li Zhenjun and the CEO Zeng Jinzhu of Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd, and the CEO XuWenjunVice president Chen Chenmei of Xin Yuan Group attended the delivery signing ceremony.

It is reported that”ORCSTELLA” was designed with 109.9m in length O.A., 104m in Length B.P. , 20m in Breadth,11.10m in depth and the ship speed is  13.8kn.The main hull is single bottomdouble hull, with independent cargo tank, into the class BV Classification Society.The ship was launched in June 4, 2016 and built completely on September 25. Through the tacit cooperation and joint efforts of the projectteam, the sea trial was completed successfully on Mar 4,2017.

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