Asphalt vessel“LILSTELLA”was delievered, which’s designed by Bestway Marine and Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
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On Dec 23,2016, The asphalt vessel “LILSTELLA”with capacity of 7499DWT,which’s designed by Bestway Marineand Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.and built by Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd, was delievered successfully in new shipyard of Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd. The leaders of BILXIN SHIPPING GROUP PTE LTD, Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd,BV, BestwayMarine and Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.and someone concerned attened the ship naming ceremony.The CEO of XIN YUAN GROUP Xu Wenjun and the board director of FujianMawei Shipbuilding Ltd Li Zengjun on behalf of the owner and the shipyard signed the transfer documents.

The vessel is the first one of series asphalt vessels designed by Bestway Marine and Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. Afterthe sea trial, the ship performance is good, speed and other indicators have reached the design requirements. Also the vessel was designed with 109.9m in lengthO.A., 104m in Length B.P. , 20m in Breadth,11.10m in depth,13.0kn in ship speed and into the class BV Classification Society, and can supply unrestricted service. The main hull of the ship is asingle bottom double hull structure,mainly used for liquid petroleum asphalt and petroleum products (flash point higher than 60 DEG C)loading cargo transport, the maximum temperature of 200 DEG C, can be loaded simultaneously two kinds of goods, such as diagonal loading conditions and meetthe asymmetry of Shell, BP and other major oil companies inspection requirements.

The same series of 5999dwt asphalt ships,which were designed for BILXIN SHIPPING GROUP PTE LTD., are about to be built, And the same series of 7999dwt asphalt ships which were built byQingshan shipyard will be delieved in January next year.

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