“SAN DU AO”,the biggest asphalt vessel in asia was began to be built in Ningde city
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March 21, 2010 morning,  the naming and building beginning celebrationfor 12000 tons asphalt ship, which’s the largest in Asia, the most advanced inthe world, was held in Fujian Baima ship industrial park in Ningde city. The CPPCCStanding Committee, deputy director of the overseas Chinese Hong Kong andMacao, former Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Committee Chen Mingyi namedfor the ship. The provincial people's Congress deputy director Cao Degan, the secretaryof municipal party committee party Chen Rongkai, mayor Chen Jiadong and otherprovincial and city leaders attended the celebration.

The  asphalt ship, built by Fujian Shenglongshipbuilding  , was named"Sanduao", built by Fujian Shenglong shipbuilding Limited which’s thesubsidry  of the Fujian Baima IndustrialPark. And it is first of the ten vessels tendered for the construction ofChinese ocean shipping (Group) Corporation in cooperation with Fujian XinyuanShip&Marine Equipment Leasing Co.Ltd.,The vessel is designed with total lengthof 146 meters, the endurance of 10 thousand nautical miles, a load of 12000tons, a single ship cost $about 20000000, will be completed by the end ofDecember 2010. And the vessel will be leased to a world-class oil company,  and take long voyage in Europe and the UnitedStates.

Concerned that the asphalt tanker is highthreshold, high technology content, high added value of the special type vessel.The successful construction of "Sanduao" ,played astrong role in developing vigorously  forthe revitalization of Fujian shipbuilding industry , enhancing brand for theshipbuilding industry and optimizing the industrial structure .

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