Geneal: the vessel is to be a steel construction double bottom, double skin and single deck asphalt carrier.The vessel to be a whole welded steel structure with raked stem,bulbous bow,bow thruster and transom stern,single diesel-engine,one propeller, one hanging balance stream line rudders,aft diesel driven ship with gear case.Four cargo tanks each divided into left and right to be arranged longitudinally.the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cargo tanks is 24.50m in length and the 4th cargo tank is 22.40m in length.There are 8 cargo tanks in total in which 4 grades of individual cargo can be loaded.Cofferdams to be arranged forward of No.1 cargo tank and fuel oil tank between E/R is used as cofferdam.Deep well centrifugal ballast pump to be installed. 



Classifications:  BV Asphalt  carrier,+Hull,+Mach,+CSM,Flash Point<60℃,ESP,INWATERSURVEY

Length O.A.146.1mHFO tank768.4M³
Length B.P.137.20mM.D.O.tank207.9M³
Breadth(moulded)22mFresh Water tank180.7M³
Depth(moulded)10.8mWater ballast tank5125.98M³
Design draught7.9mCargo tank11709M³
Dead weight12791tShip speed13.0kn
Gross tonnage9963tMain Engine(1set)MAN B&W 6S35MC-C9.2-TII    4440kwX167rpm/min
Net tonnage3197tMain Generator(3sets)DAIHATSU    6DC-17 550KW/1000rpm/min
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